Stumbled on a random site and the photos below caught my attention – The Walton Sextuplets.  Walton sextuplets were born in Wallasey, on the Wirral England on 18 November 1983 and were the world’s first all-female surviving sextuplets, and the world’s fourth known set of surviving sextuplets.

In order of birth, and with their weight at birth the sextuplets are:

  • Hannah Jane, 2lbs 1oz
  • Lucy Anne, 2lbs 15ozs
  • Ruth Michelle, 2lbs 11ozs
  • Sarah Louise, 2lbs 5ozs
  • Kate Elizabeth, 2lbs 13ozs
  • Jennifer Rose, 3lbs 8ozs

Quoted from site below:

The girls were conceived via IVF and their parents – who had been planning to adopt after 12 failed attempts at fertility treatment – took a year off work to care for them full-time.

Mr Walton, 60, described living with seven women for much of his life as an ‘eye-opener’ but revealed he expected everything to change ‘dramatically, with weddings and babies likely to happen soon’.

However, he added: ‘If they all moved out tomorrow it would be dreadful. I love the noise and the shouting and have loved every minute of them growing up.’

After 27 years , see the Walton Sextuplets Photos

Disclaimer: I claim no credits to the photos posted on this article.

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