Summer has officially started. Have you made your vacation plans yet? Here’s an important tip: you’ve waited for this trip for a pretty long time, and planning can put you on track to your dream summer getaway with your barkada. The trick to a perfect plan? DIY, or do it yourself, because it is only you, along with travel buddies, who know exactly what you want and what will make this season worthwhile.

While short, unplanned trips can be fun, who wants the headaches of mismatched schedules of your friends, seeing “No Vacancy” signs, and being unfamiliar with the locale? But how can you make sure that planning for the trip of a lifetime doesn’t become a headache too?

The answer is in your hands – rather your fingertips. Your mobile phone, that essential tool for connecting with friends, relatives, classmates and orgmates, as well as with your barkada whom you haven’t seen for ages, can be put to better use, thanks to another revolutionary service from innovation leader Globe Telecom.

Plan the perfect summer getaway and do it yourself with Globe Prepaid GoSakto, the world’s first-ever do-it-yourself prepaid promo. GoSakto is the latest offering from Globe Prepaid which empowers prepaid users to create their own prepaid promo from scratch, moving away from pre-made or canned promos that limit users from enjoying and maximizing their prepaid promo.

Another game-changing service from Globe, GoSakto lets prepaid customers customize their own prepaid promo based on their needs, budget, and lifestyle. With Globe Prepaid GoSakto, subscribers can choose the type and number of calls, texts and mobile surfing megabytes (MB), as well as the validity and price of their promo, making it exact and perfect for their needs.


So how do you plan that much-awaited summer vacay with Globe Prepaid GoSakto? Here’s how:

  • First on your list is to register to Globe Prepaid GoSakto. You have three (3) easy ways: Dial *143# to register for free on your mobile phone, visit the Globe Prepaid GoSakto page on the Globe website via, or use the Globe Prepaid GoSakto app on Facebook available via
  • Choose GoSakto, and then Create a promo, and then select your desired promo combination. To keep you in touch with everybody, the best promo for you is a call, text, and surf promo so you can connect with them any way you want to. Now that you have chosen your promo combination, you’re off to fun-filled summer vacation planning by you, for you and the rest of the gang.
  • Start by calling everyone in your group that this summer better be perfect and you deserve some great get-together! Call them to find out when everyone’s free and where they want to go. Through calling, you get the responses pronto! For this, you will need calls to Globe/TM since most if not all your friends are on the Globe network. One hundred (100) minutes of Globe/TM calls should be enough to dial your friends in.
  • Once you have the date of your summer getaway, it’s time to look for a nice and cozy place to stay. It’s summertime so expect hotels and resorts to be full almost everyday, so make sure you reserve in advance to score a great deal. It’s also nice to ask other friends for recommendations. To do this, you will need text services to all networks. Since you have a lot of coordination to do, get 250 text messages to all networks so you can keep on texting without having to worry about sending a text to a non-Globe number.
  • So you’ve sealed the venue and date of your trip and are counting the days before the big day. And just like any regular adventurer, you scout whether you’ve made the right choice when it comes to your destination. Use your mobile phone to surf the ‘Net for reviews, blogs, and forum discussions. Download a complete music playlist which can come in handy during the long roadtrip. To do this, get yourself a surfing service for an instant on-the-go internet connection. Your 20MB of data for mobile surfing should be enough to explore the World Wide Web at the comfort of your mobile phone.
  • You’ve finally completed your summer plans and your call-text-surf combo to help you with it. Now it’s time to decide how long your Globe Prepaid GoSakto promo will be. Make it worth your while and money, so choose the 7-day promo variant to best suit your needs and budget. It’s an affordable P101 good for 7 days, or a little over P14 per day. Now who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? The perfect summer getaway and the perfect prepaid promo, by you and for you. You can even name your promo to take personalization a notch higher and share it with your Facebook friends so they can try your promo too.

Your summer mission is to make great memories especially when you’re out on a trip with your friends and loved ones,” says KD Dizon, Head of Globe Prepaid. “With Globe Prepaid GoSakto, you have exactly what you need when it comes to planning trips and getting in touch with the entire barkada. From calls, texts, to mobile surfing services, Globe Prepaid GoSakto empowers you to go lang ng go when you create your own prepaid promo as well as your dream summer getaway, both fitting your communication needs, budget, and summer lifestyle.

What are you waiting for? Summer is young and so are you, so start planning the perfect getaway with Globe Prepaid GoSakto, your best buddy in making that ultimate summer escapade finally happen.

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