Some 23 high-school tech-savvy teens looking for worthwhile summer activity are getting their chance under Globe Telecom’s Junior Wizard program, which is expected to provide them valuable experiences and skills.

Pioneered in 2012, the Junior Mobile Wizard Program is a six-week summer program offered to Globe employees’ high school children, who will be assisting in selected Globe concept stores in Metro Manila.

Under the program, these high school students are tasked to demonstrate and discuss the latest gadgets and mobile data services, as well as other Globe offers and services. It provides an opportunity for them to learn outside of a campus setting as they interact with customers and gain experience working inside a Globe store.

Junior Wizard
High school students visit Globe Telecom’s concept store in Greenbelt 4 as part of their training under the company’s Junior Mobile Wizard program.

Because technology is so integrated in a teenager’s life, we believe that the program is a great opportunity for them to learn important social and entrepreneurial skills. We would like to capitalize in their immense interest in technology for them to experience a summer activity which we hope will teach them important lessons in life. Since they will be working alongside their parents’ colleagues, they will have a taste of how Globe promotes an engaging and satisfying work culture,” said Globe Telecom President and CEO Ernest Cu.

The program exhibits the Globe Way vision of transforming the lives of people, said Cu, adding the company is confident this year’s program will replicate the program’s success last year.

The summer program began with a three-day training ending with an actual in-store immersion at the Globe concept store in Greenbelt 4.

The students were assigned in 6 Globe stores located in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.

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