Games that are made for the mobile platform have quickly taken over gaming activities on the console. For obvious reasons other than their portability, games on mobile are much cheaper to buy and the range of choices make it very appealing to different types of gamers. However, despite their popularity, playing on mobile devices isn’t always easy. There are several obstacles that one will encounter when playing games on smartphones and tablets. So, in order to have a better gaming experience on smart gadgets, consider following these tips:

Invest on a good controller instead of relying on touchscreen controls
Compared to the comfort of using a console’s physical controller, hardcore games on mobile are difficult to control. While doing simple touch screen gestures is alright with games like Temple Run and Slots Tycoon, FPS games like Modern Combat 4 and Shadowgun require a more reliable controller. It is very difficult to control FPS games using a virtual joystick and most of the time, players end up dying in the game not because they lack skills but because they don’t have a good grasp of the controls. There are many controllers in the market that are compatible for the iOS and Android platform. The SteelSeries Free for iOS gadgets and Gametel for Android phones are good controllers for mobile gaming.

Play on devices with at least a dual core processor
Playing on a device with at least a dual-core processor is a must in order to flawlessly play the hardcore games that are being made today. Even the more casual ones that seems to not require a lot of hardware power needs a faster processor. For example, casino games like Slot Heaven may look like it only requires a small amount of horsepower since it has simple game play, but its graphics require decent hardware for it to run properly.

In addition, consider playing on a device with at least 1800 mAh of battery power, especially if you’re gaming a lot every day. FPS and action type of games require a lot of juice and anything below that will drain a device’s power very fast. Mobile gaming provider Pocket Fruity recommends the HTC One X as a benchmark for online gaming since it has very good hardware capacity and a long battery life. In addition, the smartphone has a great screen resolution of 1280×720, which is good enough for gamers to appreciate the visuals that today’s modern games offer.

By having a good physical controller and a decent battery life, gaming on mobile will definitely feel much better. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve gaming on smart gadgets? Share your ideas below!

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