Beyond every horizon of life, we are searching for something that would somehow tell:

What life would be with out pursuing any dream that has come into existence?”

“How would it be, if things we cling to weren’t fulfilled every desire unmet?”

Life is such a great opportunity that comes only for once. As we live our lives, challenges may come our way, even with out asking for it. Life comes freely, we can t just sit around the corner and watch it flyby.

We are all said to be rational, having been given the privilege to choose how we wanted our lives to be. Life is something that money can’t buy, well most of the time. It is something that even time couldn’t bring back if it s lost. With it, comes a great responsibility.

As I would say, life isn’t more on taking chances, but on making choices rather. We are given the chance to choose and think, for life has only given us the opportunity in which it only depends upon our choices. We can’t clearly determine whether the things we choose to live with, could be our greatest asset or our liabilities as well.

The most scary part of it, is when we get into something and there’s no way of looking back to find a way out of what has put into existence.

What shall we do now?

Disclaimer: The above piece that you have just read is originally written by one of “The Quill’s” writer of SWU way back in 2005. This is an archive post and the owner of this site does not claim ownership of this article.

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