Some say being a modern mom comes with a tough job description. Being one means striving to maintain a perfect balance between work and affairs at home on a daily basis, wearing two hats (or more!) at the same time without ever compromising one for the benefit of the other. Its fulfilling a daily routine, where you see yourself pleasing your client’s expectations one moment and responding to the requests of your five-year old toddler briefly after, or perhaps, readying up a presentation to the board the next day and cooking a hearty dinner for your family that very same evening.

MOMA Business Cafe Speakers
The MOMA Business Cafe Speakers

For power moms like Modern Mama (MOMA) proprietor Anne Gretchen Choa-Uy, corporate executive and businesswoman Mutya Buensuceso, social media maven Christine Dychiao, yogini Danessa Onglatco, and brand architect and communications for a change champion Amor Maclang, modern motherhood is a special vow suited only for those with the heart and the will to succeed. Simply put, it’s nothing but a celebration of passionate living and responsible parenting.

Balance is key
The key to successfully and efficiently fulfilling multiple roles as a mom is to strive to achieve equilibrium,” says Mutya. “Balance is something we need to constantly work on. It’s in the conscious choices that we make as business people, as entrepreneurs, and as parents that make all the difference. Between deadlines, deliverables, play dates, and nappy changes, it’s all about finding your center and grounding yourself in the now.”

MOMA Business Cafe Speaker Mutya Laxa-Buensuceso, Luxasia
MOMA Business Cafe Speaker Mutya Laxa-Buensuceso, Luxasia

Creating a sense of harmony and making it a top priority is also something Christine Dychiao takes pride in. “My schedule really revolves around my children and the hours they have. I work in the mornings and schedule my meetings while they are in school,” Tintin shares. “I am usually at home in time to help my daughter with her homework, and when that’s done, we all play together with my son. We make it a point to have dinner together as a family.”

Continue pursuing your passions
For a woman like Amor Maclang who wears so many hats at any given day, the drive to succeed as a mom draws inspiration from her passion to make our society a more ideal place for children to grow and maximize their potential at the fullest.

MOMA Business Cafe Speaker Amor Maclang, GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc.
MOMA Business Cafe Speaker Amor Maclang, GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc.

Apart from taking pride on the milestones of my child’s life, I also take pride in somehow being a mother to the brands and the campaigns that we champion at GeiserMaclang,” Amor says, referring to her work as the founding director of the most-awarded full-service communications agency in the Philippines, GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications, Inc. “I’ve always had a firm belief that for one to do well, one must first and foremost do good. That’s the culture that we try to continue championing in the course of our work with our clients.

Pursuing her passions as a yogini while being an all-around mom to three equally adorable kids is a job that Danessa enjoys doing 24/7. “Being a wife and a mother is a full-time job and I cannot afford to get sick,” explains Danessa. “Daily yoga helps me stay fit and healthy. Even when I was pregnant last year, I joined the pre-natal yoga classes too and it really helped relieve me from my morning sickness.”

Enjoying the parenting journey
One brand that draws inspirations from the things that every mom takes delight in is Modern Mama (MOMA).

“Beyond just being a brand, Modern Mama is a unique lifestyle in itself,” says Gretchen. “It is about the idea of enjoying the parenting journey, about discovering opportunities the embrace challenges and celebrate experiences.

MOMA Business Cafe Speaker Christine Dychiao,

MOMA was conceptualized by proprietor Anne Gretchen Choa-Uy and her husband, Rodrick early last year when they realized that so many brands and products were not available in the Cebu market. Furthermore, so many of Gretchen’s friends have asked her where she buys her kids’ items. With an extensive network of links and contacts at hand, she thought about trying her luck at the retail business, and that was how Modern Mama became a reality.

Cebu’s pride
Modern Mama, whose shop is located at Banilad Town Centre, is a boutique store featuring a carefully curated selection of brands—local and imported handcrafted and specialty products—for moms and babies, with special focus on the first year of life and an aim to promote a fun, stylish parenting experience for everyone.

MOMA It's Your Fair Day_Danessa Onglatco leads Parent-and-Child Yoga Class

Modern Mama is the first mom and baby boutique in Cebu with products that can never be seen in other stores, even in Metro Manila. Gretchen, the owner, personally curates the products that the store offers, making sure that MOMA offerings are the best products for mom and child sourced all over the world.

Modern Mama provides products that are unique and best in its class. We offer a wide range of intuitively-designed and scientifically-researched solutions,” Gretchen adds.

This brand of passions from moms who only want nothing but the finest experiences for their kids is something that MOMA will be showcasing as it hosts the MOMA Business Café and the MOMA: It’s Your Fair Day event this weekend.

MOMA It's Your Fair Day
MOMA It’s Your Fair Day

Mutya, Tintin, Amor, Danessa, and Gretchen will be on hand to share insights, talk about their parenting experiences, and exchange creative ideas with other Cebuano moms at the MOMA Business Café this Friday, August 15, 2014. The day after, MOMA will be hosting a fun-filled Saturday with stylish moms and their equally adorable kids at Ayala Terraces Park at the MOMA: It’s Your Fair Day event. Moms and kids alike can indulge in a reinvigorating yoga session and learn a tip or two from a cooking demo with Chef China Cojuangco. Moms can also dress up their playful tots in comfy, trendy outfits from MoMa’s exclusive selection, and unleash their creative sides with an assortment of arts and craft kits at the venue.

Modern Mama knows that parents of today are looking for products that are not only functional, but come in great design and style, as well,” Gretchen adds. “Hence, aside from aiming to make parenting a fun, easy, and truly enjoyable endeavor, MOMA also strives to promote parenting in style.”

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