Globe myBusiness, together with digital marketing firm AdSpark, proudly presents “Digitize Cebu,” a one-day workshop that aims to empower the growth of Cebu-based small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through digital marketing. The event is also supported by Google.

Topics covered in-depth by “Digitize Cebu” include the latest trends in digital and mobile marketing, how businesses can use digital tools, and new insights on digital advertising, mobile executions, social media strategies, and e-commerce. Attendees are given the opportunity to interact with the speakers in the event.

For its part, Globe myBusiness discussed key elements of effective e-commerce, which include user experience, buyer security, and payment gateways. AdSpark spoke about mobile marketing and how it fits into an SME’s digital marketing mix.

“In today’s hyper-evolving world, digitization, on a day to day basis, continues to shape how people and organizations do things,” said Globe myBusiness Senior Advisor Derrick Heng. “We aim to enhance SME operations through digitization, and help them expand and reach new markets outside Cebu City and Visayas using up-to-date digital tools and methods” Heng added.

SMEs account for 75% of all businesses in Cebu. According to the Department of Trade and Industry, over 53,000 SMEs were registered in Central Visayas in 2015. Through digital marketing, these companies have the potential to reach some 60 million Filipinos who now have access to the Internet and spend more time online than any other Southeast Asian nation. “We believe that through the technology and tools we offer, we can help Cebu businesses evolve to become key movers in our economy” Heng said.

Globe myBusiness is Globe Telecom’s primary provider of customizable digital solutions to startups and SMEs. Its partner, AdSpark, is a data-driven, mobile-centric digital marketing solutions company also owned by Globe.

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