I just received an email today from Union Bank Philippines (at last it is a genuine email and not from some random phisher) about their latest mobile banking features called uMobile.

As an overview, uMobile is UnionBank’s newest take on Mobile Banking. With this new mobile banking application, no need to worry about expensive internet connection costs or which Telco you subscribe to. Simply install the mobile banking application on your phone and you’re good to go at the cost and speed of an SMS.

What you can get with Unionbank’s uMobile?

  • Get your UnionBank balance  – No need to go to an ATM, bank or a computer to check your money. You can easily access your UnionBank account anytime, anywhere through your mobile phone.
  • Buy Load  – Stay connected to your loved ones by being able to buy prepaid load from any network through uMobile. There’s no need to enroll mobile numbers or remember which network they’re on, uMobile does that for you.
  • Call and Text UnionBank –  UMobile provides customer support via your mobile phone. Talk to us, we’re listening to you.
  • Transfer funds – Deposit slips are a thing of the past! You can now manage your funds or transfer to other UnionBank accounts.
  • Pay your bills – No need to wait in long lines in payment centers because with UMobile you can pay your bills using your phone. No enrollment required for all available billers.

uMobile is currently compatible with phones that can run Java. It has been tested with the following Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry and LG phones. For more details, you can visit Union Bank Philippines uMobile page at www.unionbankph.com/umobile

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