COLDPLAY fans were so excited when they heard about Coldplay Live Concert in Manila this coming April 2012, however it was a hoax. The Colplay Concert poster was made for a Computer Graphics class which was not intended to spread any rumors or something.

Okay. Guys, this is just a poster I made for my Computer Graphics class. It’s not intended to spread any rumors or something. I know it’s a bit disappointing for pushing up your hopes. I’m a fan of Coldplay too. I just want them here as much as you want them too. Anyway, I’m so sorry this kind of thing happened. :),” Roe Alfaro said.

It was further cleared by Manila Concert Scene, a website for concert news and updates including rumors, was quick to post in its Facebook fan page that the poster is fake.

The poster shown below is NOT LEGIT. Please STOP spreading FALSE RUMORS and FAKE POSTERS. Thank you,” said MCS, citing Dayly Entertainment event planning and services.

Just like everybody else, I myself is also a fan of Coldplay, I am also hoping that they would have a live concert in the Philippines soon.

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