It’s summertime and this means Speedtalk Language Training Center’s SUMMER ENRICHMENT PROGRAMS are back on offer again! These programs will empower your youngsters for the future, maximizing their potentials and giving them the opportunity to discover and experience new things. With the famous Speedtalk method of teaching and its high standards of education, you are 100% confident that your kids will learn something significant this summer.

Learning a second language at an early age has countless lifetime benefits. Some advantages your child will receive are enriched mental development and public speaking abilities, and improved confidence, which kids will carry with them forever. Kids will be more open-minded and accepting of new things and the world around them, all because of the process of learning a new language. Nowadays, knowing English is not enough, so give your child a head start now before it’s too late!

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This summer, Speedtalk will be offering Mandarin Chinese, Fookien Chinese, and English Enhancement under its Summer Enrichment Programs. A Personality Development class will also be available aside from second language learning program. This helps kids value the concept of self-mastery by eliminating their shyness and building their confidence. Summer classes will run from April 11 to May 26, 2016. All classes will be conducted in highly interactive environments matched with exclusively developed materials that utilize tons of age-appropriate activities. So kids are sure to enjoy the process of learning.

Aside from its standard programs, this 2016, Speedtalk will be offering new fun-filled programs that will help your kids reach their potentials. Since, kids love to explore and discover new things, Speedtalk will be offering the newest addition to its programs, Little Explorers: China, where kids will be brought on a virtual field trip of Chinese cultures and traditions, making them appreciate the uniqueness and wonder that is China.

You can also enhance your kids’ styling and fashion sense with a Jewelry and Charm Making program for ages 6 to 9, while kids ages 10 to 12 can express their love for accessories and styling with a Fashion Accessories Crafting program. A Little Knitters program will also be offered in May, where children can learn the skill of crocheting.

Also exclusively offered for this summer is Speedtalk’s Junior Writers program, where kids will learn the foundations of writing a good story from start to finish. Help your children improve their skills in creative writing and character development.

With such a wide range of programs to choose from, kids will definitely find something that they’ll enjoy learning this summer season! So, hurry and engage your kids in a one-of-a-kind learning experience this summer 2016. Maximize their potentials, encourage their interest and give them the opportunity to discover and experience new things with Speedtalk’s Summer Enrichment Programs. Designed to empower youngsters for the future, kids ages 6 to 12 can now learn new skills while having fun!

And because Speedtalk just recently opened its newest branch (2nd floor, Capitol Square, Escario St.), more kids will have access to these fun and effective children’s programs. So, make Speedtalk your kid’s “ONE-STOP SHOP” this summer where they can join several programs all in one convenient location.

Help them reach their potentials by enrolling them in multiple classes. With Speedtalk’s Summer Enrichment Programs, learning has never been this fun and summer has never been this productive.
So hurry and register your kids now because all classes are limited to a maximum of 10 seats only!

For more information, call the Speedtalk Language Training Center at: 2nd level, Banilad Town Centre: 416-1618 / 416-1718 / 0917-628-8255

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