Beyond The Norms (BTN) was created in mid 2007 and started as a personal blog which mainly talks about personal experiences and became an outlet of thoughts by the author himself for over a year. It’s first tag line was [a Kaleidoscope of illusions] influenced by the master rapper of the country Francis M with his song Kaleidoscope World. On its later part he decided to make the site a more useful reference online. Posting random stuffs that caught his interests in both online and offline world.

There was once an incident that almost lead the author to just park the domain and stop blogging. It happened sometime in 2008 when he accidentally deleted the “admin” user, resulting to lost of all the entries on the blog. The back up was a failure too. Fortunately, there is a certain site which archived some of the posts and comments. And so, the author himself decided to manually copy and paste the entries to his blog and decided to start from scratch again. It was indeed a tough thing for him to do, but still decided to pursue.

Late 2009, during the Philippine Blog Awards – Visayas the site bagged award, that brought pride to the author himself. It was unexpected as the award was not part of the program, nonetheless it also brought joy to its readers. There has been ups and downs, hiatus mode and etc that affect the blogging journey of BTN.

In the last week of 2010, the author himself decided to migrate the site to a new server, thus giving him much work over the weekend, revamping and redesigning the site. The site was then relaunched last January 01, 2011 (1-1-11) with its first post of the year – Hello 2011: Beyond the Norms Revamped

Welcome to my online home!